Time To Smile!!

My Pet Guinea Pig

My Pet Guinea Pig
This render reminds me of my first pet guinea pig who I named…Piggy.

Well, it’s May in Chicago. After a very chilly April that gave us some snow, rain and very little else it’s time to look to Spring. As usual, Chicago weather throws us a curve. After a few days of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and 80s May in Chicago has thrown us more rain and chilly air!

When will Spring arrive to stay?! Who knows?! It’s Chicago and nothing is more unpredictable than Chicago weather!!

So instead of pining for warm weather and crying in our soup, I suggest we smile…yep, just smile!

To cheer us up, I’ve dug deep into my fractal art archives and picked a few renders designed to help bring a smile to our faces.

Just forget about whatever troubles you, click on the images, have some fun  and smile!!!

Alien Monkey

Alien Monkey
This guy is cute and weird. Look for little monkey faces on this dude’s head and ears.

Gotta Dance

Gotta Dance!!
Three aliens with happy feet.

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo!
Don’t know what this guy is up to but he’s got big eyes…the better to see you with!!

Space Cadet

Space Cadet
“Take me to your leader.”

Happy Cyclops

Happy Cyclops
Whatever he’s smiling about, that grin makes you want to smile along with him.

How About A Hug?

How About A Hug?
One of my first fractal renders.

As always, your comments and critiques are welcome!!

Best Regards,


6 thoughts on “Time To Smile!!

    • Yeah, that’s how it goes. We’re supposed to have cloudy and cool weather until the weekend and it’s MAY!!

      When are we going to see the sun and Spring flowers?! Spring flowers are my favorites and they haven’t bloomed yet.

      Well, you can’t change the weather And that’s why I posted the happy pictures. I’m glad you enjoyed them!!

      Very Best Regards,


      • Hey Eric,

        You’ve definitely made me smile with these goofy and oddball smiley faces. I love your art it always inspires!
        The weather has probably turned nice for you now given that you wrote this a while ago. Lucky you, you are coming into spring. It’s getting progressively colder here and Im in winter woolies nursing a herbal tea. Stay cool my friend and stay smiling. Big hugs and best regards 🙂


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