Man and Machine

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I have often asked myself if we (man) are in control of the advancement of technology or are we just getting swept away by it? Has the rate of technological progress gotten to the point that man can no longer control (or even keep track of) the explosion of new and more intelligent devices?

Do we fool ourselves into thinking that the latest gadget or factory robotics enhance and simplify our daily lives or are we becoming more dependent on them? Are we surrendering our freedom, our individuality, our ability to think, to machines?

I’ve been thinking about this quite often lately. There are benefits and pitfalls to all forms of progress but the trick is to keep the genie in the bottle…to maintain perspective while inundated with the latest advancements in technology.

Think about it…do we really need a phone that can control our appliances while we’re away from home?

I’m interested in your thoughts on this subject. Leave a comment…share your opinion!!

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7 thoughts on “Man and Machine

  1. Very interesting topic. I don’t know how familiar you are with the transhumanism movement, but the merging of technology and the body is a very hot field. We’re at the point where some prosthetics can outperform natural limbs.


    • Though I haven’t heard the term “transhumanism” I have read about cameras that can be attached to the optic nerve to allow blind people to see shapes and colors. I have also read that there have been great advances in prosthetic limbs allowing for greater dexterity and flexibility of movement. This type of progress astounds me to no end and reminds me of the old TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man”…better, faster, stronger…

      You’ve piqued my interest in the transhumanism movement and I’ll be sure to investigate this subject further. Perhaps a subject for a follow-up post?

      Thanks for commenting, Ty.

      Best Regards,


  2. I love this picture and the quote you chose!!! I think that our everyday technology prevents us from doing things “the old fashioned way”. I know I down write down things as much as I used to, I have an app for that. I have an app for everything! I text people more than I call them. I use my calculator more than I do math in my head. It’s easier but is it better. I think yes and no. Great post btw, it’s definitely a topic to be discussed.


    • Thanks for your observations, Andi.

      I do agree that many advances have made simple and even difficult tasks easier. However, I do wonder if, over time, they also rob us of the knowledge to perform those tasks ourselves should the need arise.

      After all, the brain is a muscle and like any other muscle in our body it needs exercise to maintain its health. If we don’t use the knowledge we have eventually we lose it.

      Best Regards,


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