Listening to my audience.

Ocean Sunset

Ocean Sunset by Eric A Gehlin
Dedicated to Don Charisma
Click on image for larger view

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I’ve been struggling with a case of writer’s block for the last three weeks or so. To help me get through it I’ve tried various strategies which have included spending more time with my family, reading, relaxing(when possible), housecleaning and brainstorming ideas for new projects. These have all helped and I’m starting to break out of my creative shell.

But the most helpful strategy came from an unexpected source. Recently, I posted an article about some fractal software programs that I have used to create the images that are featured in many of my posts. I also added links to those programs to my resources page. To my surprise, these links produced a lot of hits, Several of my followers have commented on how much they liked my renders and expressed an interest in seeing more of my fractal art.

I had made the decision to turn my full attention to writing but clearly there are people out there who are genuinely interested in my fractal renders and fractals in general. So I’m listening to the advice of my audience and will devote more space in Eric’s Universe to fractals and fractal art. I am also confident that this will help me break my creative block.

The last few days I’ve been playing around with a program called Fractal Explorer. I haven’t used this program since late last year so there’s been a little experimentation to get the feel of it again. I’ve already come up with several nice renders.

The render featured in this post is titled “Ocean Sunset” and is dedicated to Don Charisma who is a master of panoramic sunset photography. It’s worth your time to visit his blog where you’ll find spectacular photography,  articles on a wide variety of topics and his “Don Charisma’s Prompt” series (great fun!!).

Many thanks to all of my followers and friends in the WordPress community who have graciously offered their advice and  support!!

As always, your comments and critiques are most welcome.

Very Best Regards,






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