Tag Cloud – Useful Or Waste Of Space ?

Some thoughts about tag clouds from Don Charisma…good or bad plus a poll.
Check it out!!!

Don Charisma

I’ve got a tag cloud on my sidebar. Personally I have little use for a tag cloud, and wondered whether anyone else uses it … or any other thoughts on tag clouds – now’s your chance !

I have a feeling that removing my tag cloud might help with my diet … I know it’s a tenuous connection but I wanted to get diet and weight-loss in my tags LOL I’ve added wellness for good measure 😈

If you like you can vote in the poll too. Either way feedback appreciated 🙂


Here’s the poll :


Don Charisma

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3 thoughts on “Tag Cloud – Useful Or Waste Of Space ?

  1. I think it depends on the person and their blog. I think it can be useful for smaller blogs or blogs that are just starting out. It might help people find what they’re looking for easier.

    But I don’t really think that a well established blog shout have one. If you have a lot of different tags, a big tag cloud could look messy or confusing. In my opinion all you really need is a good menu!


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