A Future We May Not Have…

A Future We May Not Have

The Harder They Fall by Eric A. gehlin
(click on the image for a larger view)

I’m continuing with the apocalypse theme this week.

An image rendered with the freeware 3D fractal software Mandelbulber accompanied by one of my favorite quotes by science fiction novelist Arthur C. Clarke.

(click on the image for a larger view)

As always your comments and critiques are welcomed and encouraged.



9 thoughts on “A Future We May Not Have…

    • Yes, the image was rendered with a 3D fractal software called Mandelbulber (you’ll find the link in the post).

      If you haven’t heard of fractals, in short they are infinitely detailed designs generated by the mathematics that occur in nature.

      I use many different fractal programs and the images have been featured in a lot of my posts.

      Mandelbulber generates 3 dimensional fractals that can be explored as if you are flying through them. The great thing about this program is that you don’t have to be a math genius to learn to use it. I learned it by reading the documentation on the website and a few weeks of practice.

      Very soon I’ll be adding fractal links to my “Resources” page.

      Best Regards,


  1. That image is indeed striking:D I’ve been looking into fractals more since their…creator? Discoverer?…Mandelbrot died just recently–he gave in incredible interview only a few days before his death that really struck me.


    • I’ve been exploring fractals since the mid-1990s when the DOS porgram Fractint was created.

      I still use Fractint on an ancient laptop since it won’t run on newer computers (theres a windows version that is pretty good but doesn’t have all the features of the old DOS version).

      I also use Fractal Explorer which is a fantastic windows based program.

      Apophysis 7x renders flame fractals which glow like they’re on fire. Apophysis has some 3D effects as well.

      The image you commented on was rendered with Mandelbulber, a true 3D fractal generator that lets you explore as if flying through the fractal.

      The best thing about all these programs is that they’re free!! All are easy to learn (with some practice) and you don’t have to be a math genius to use them.

      Try them out if you get the urge. If you need links to these let me know.



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