THE GATES OF HELL (or “A Place To Warm Our Toes”)

The Gates Of Hell

The Gates Of Hell
Eric A. Gehlin with a little help from Virgil (70BC-19BC)

For those of us who are tired of winter and dreaming of a place to warm our toes…well, maybe not this warm…

The image was rendered in the Apophysis 7x fractal program. Text added in Corel PhotoPaint.

(click on the image for a larger view)

As always your comments and critiques are welcome.



5 thoughts on “THE GATES OF HELL (or “A Place To Warm Our Toes”)

    • Thank you, Athena.

      Yes, I did create this image with a freeware fractal software called Apophysis. I’ve been using Apophyisi since 2007. Apophysis creates beautiful fractal designs that glow like neon or fire. There are many artists who create some awesome and elegant designs. For myself, I’m usually not looking for those beautiful images. I’m generally looking for something more unusual that suggests darkness, horror or science fiction.

      Many of the illustrations in my posts here at Eric’s Universe have been rendered in Apophysis including “Devils Dance” which is easily the most viewed post on this blog.

      If you’re interested, Apophysis can download for free at The link for downloading Apophysis is at the lower right hand side of the main page. If you want to see what Apophysis can do check out the Apophysis Group galleries at DeviantArt Another benefit of Apophysis is that there are literally hundreds of tutorials online to help you learn to use the program (most of them also on DeviantArt).

      OK, that was rather long-winded of me but you can probably tell that I’m very passionate about this software.

      Wishing you a happy Easter weekend.

      Best Regards,


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